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Any referee who meets the license certification requirements for the next level up may upgrade at any time


US Soccer Referee

  • Minimum Age - 13. No Exceptions are allowed by US Soccer

  • Previous Experience - None

  • Training -
    (1) Complete the Grassroots Referee Course through US Soccer Learning Center
    (2) Attend Field Training Session

  • Safety and Compliance -
    (1) SafeSport Training [Referees age 18 and up]
    (2) Background Check [Referees age 18 and up]
    (3) Safe Soccer Training

  • Laws of the Game Quiz - Pass the Referee Quiz

  • Fitness Test - None

  • Practical Assessment - None

  • Recertification - July 1 through December 31. Complete the Grassroots Recertification Course

Referee License Levels as of July 1, 2024

  • Referee - All former grades Grassroots,9, 8, 7

  • Regional Referee - All former grades 6, 5

  • National Assistant Referee

  • National Referee

  • Professional Referee

  • FIFA Referee

Regional Referee

  • Conduct - Regional Referee candidates must be in good standing with the ASRA with respect to US Soccer and ASRA Codes of Conduct and Ethics on and off the field, in public and all forms of social media and communication

  • Minimum Age - 18

  • Previous Experience -

  • - 25 games as Referee at adult amateur level
    - 15 games as Assistant Referee at adult amateur level
    - Minimum of 3 consecutive years as Grassroots Referee

  • Training - Complete the Regional Referee course and Field Training session
    - US Soccer Learning Center will host the online Regional Referee course
    - Arizona will host in-person course and Field Training session

  • Laws of the Game Quiz - Pass the Regional Referee quiz online

  • Fitness Test - Pass the FIFA Women’s Referee Sprint and Interval Test
    - Males: 6.4 seconds for sprints, and 17/20 for intervals
    -Females: 6.6 seconds for sprints, and 17/24 for intervals

  • Practical Assessment - 3 assessments as Referee
    - 2 games at Adult Amateur Level with 45 minute halves
    - 1 game at U18 or above with 45 minute halves
    - Must be done by 3 different Referee Coaches

  • Recertification
    - Complete the Regional Referee recertification course online through US Soccer Learning Center
    - Pass Fitness Test. It is your responsibility to enter fitness date in OMS on AZREF.COM.
    - NOTE: Fitness Test for recertification must be passed within the 12 calendar months of the prior year, AND a passing Fitness Test may only apply to a single certification year.
    - Pass 2 (two) assessments as Referee, 1 at Adult Amateur and 1 at a U-18/19 level, by 2 different Referee Coaches.

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