Grassroots Referee Course

The total course consists of:
1) Online Training through US Soccer
2) 6-hr Field Training session locally in Arizona

Online Training instructions are provided after registering for a Field Training session

Total Cost $85

$65 paid when you register for Field Training
$20 paid when you register for Online Training


Online Training must be completed at least 2 days prior to your Field Training session, or you will be asked to reschedule your session

Referee Training Window in Arizona

August 1 - March 31

Why are there no courses after March 31?

Two main reasons: (1) game experience, and (2) financial sense.

In Arizona, there are few games available for new referees to work after March. If courses were held past this date, new referees would not get to actually work a game until mid to late August, some 4-5 months later. We prefer new referees are able to start working games right away so they don’t forget everything they’ve learned.

Due to the US Soccer registration window, any referee that is certified prior to July 1 must pay their registration for the next year before December 31. If courses were held past March, essentially, this means a new referee would pay for Year 1 in April/May/June, then they would pay for Year 2 after July 1. This does not make financial sense, as a referee would basically pay for two years registration and not have worked a single game.


Courses generally sell out and additional spots cannot be added. If a course is listed here but not available to register for in our scheduling system, it is already full.