How do I get a new badge?

Registrants who have completed their registration for the current year can purchasereplacement or additional badges online by clicking here.  Note that a maximum of two replacement badges can be ordered per year per USSF ID Number.

How do I get my USSF ID number?

If you just completed a new referee course, your USSF ID will be automatically assigned when your registration is processed.  Registrations are processed automatically every Monday.  
To find your USSF ID, log in to your Arizona OMS account.  Your USSF ID is displayed in the Member Information box of your Member Home page.

How do I get my USSF ID card?

US Soccer no longer mails paper ID cards.  If you would like to have one, you can download and print by follow the directions here.
It is generally NOT required for you to have a copy of your card.