How much does it cost to become a referee?

Referee registration is $85. All referees must pay this amount each year they wish to referee.

How much will I get paid to be a referee?

Pay varies based on a number of factors, but referees will typically earn between $10 and $50 per game.

How many games will I work in a day?

This is up to you, the referee. Referes are not employees, which means they can work (or not work) as they choose. Many referees work between 3-5 games per day.

How long is my certification good for?

Until December 31 of each year, except new referees who were certified after July 1 are certified through December 31 of the following year (18 months).

When do I have to recertify?

Referees must recertify every year in order to contine refereeing games past December 31. Recertification for the upcoming year opens on July 1 of the current year.

How do I get a new badge?

Registrants who have completed their registration for the current year can purchase a replacement badge or order additional badges online only. Note that a maximum of two badges can be ordered per year per USSF ID Number.

Click Here to Order a New Badge

How do I get my USSF ID Number?

If you just completed a new referee course, your USSF ID will be automatically assigned when your registration process is completed. To find your USSF ID, log in to your account through this site. Your ID is displayed in the Member Information box.

How do I get my USSF ID card?

US Soccer no longer mails paper ID cards. If you would like to have one, you can download and print one by following the directions here. It is generally NOT required for you to have a copy of your card.