What level of soccer are you currently working?

I am a referee in Major League Soccer and I also work the occasional International Assignment.

What ongoing training is required for that?

I have to do daily required physical training, mental training, self analysis, coaching sessions, and 3-5 day camps twice a month.

What is your connection to Arizona and ASRA?

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ASRA is where I spent almost 15 years out of 19 developing as an official before moving to Southern California.

How did ASRA or individuals within the state help you in your referee career?

ASRA provided a lot financial support to travel to different identification events for years in order for me to get to the place I am now. Support was always given to me via feedback/coaching, encouragement and recognition, and in my earlier years as an official I was kept honest by others while my professionalism hadn't yet developed. I was also entrusted with some of the biggest assignments that helped me develop to the higher levels.

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What memorable moments do you have from your time in Arizona?

Every new moment was memorable. The first of any tournament, age group, league level, playoff and final assignment.

Any words of advice to future referees who want to reach your level?

If you really want to reach the highest level (which I know is not everyone’s officiating goals) do not give up. The moment you think it will never come is the day you give up and become just another statistic. Don't cut corners, and do everything you can within your control. Sometimes you have to get lucky to get to the top, but the secret is to create your own luck. If you don't make the most out of your opportunities someone else will. Most importantly love what you do and always remember to be a good human being.