Major Revision to the Laws of the Game

As has been widely reported, the IFAB has recently released a major revision to the Laws of the Game.  This is the largest change to the laws in over 100 years, and they are set to go into effect June 1, 2016.

While the most significant change being publicly discussed is the revision of the so-called triple punishment for DOGSO in the Penalty Area, from a referee perspective, there are several other very significant changes.  

It is IMPERATIVE that all referees, instructors, and assessors become familiar with the details of the new law changes.  It is also imperative that referees verify whether the competition rules will be adopting the new law changes on June 1, 2016, or if their implementation will be delayed.  (Leagues and tournaments in progress prior to the effective date often delay implementation so as to keep the law consistent throughout the competition.)

The IFAB has released two documents with this revision.  The first is a presentation that highlights the changes that were made.  This document gives a nice overview of the changes, but referees must study the second document, which is the actual new text of the Laws of the Game.  The LOTG contains all the details and reasoning that are required for referees to properly apply the new changes.

In addition to these documents, ASRA has created a contact form to collect questions regarding these changes.  At this time, interpretations for certain confusing areas of the new laws are limited, but we will provide an answer as best we can.