How to Get Assignments

Now that you have received your badge, you are ready to work games.  In order to do that, you must work with an Assignor.  Just like referees, Assignors must attend training and register with US Soccer.  In Arizona, Assignors generally work with one particular league, club, and/or tournament.  Therefore, you will likely be working with more than one Assignor at any given time.  Here's what you should do:

Make sure you have a uniform and equipment to referee.

Visit the Assignors page to see who assigns for the league or club in your area.

Contact the Assignor and tell him/her that you are a new referee ready to work games.  Provide specific dates and times you are available, your age, other soccer experience, and any team you are affiliated with.  If your availability changes, you should notify the Assignor as soon as possible.

Different Assignors operate differently  Some Assignors use email, while others use web-based systems to manage their games, so you may be asked to sign up there.  Most of these other systems will allow you to enter your availability online so you do not have to email the Assignor.  If your availability changes, you should update it as soon as possible.

Once you are given games, notify the Assignor whether you accept or decline the assignment.  Referees are strongly encouraged to manage their availability and assignments in a professional manner.  If you said you were available, you should accept assignments.  If your availability has changed and you are unable to accept the assignment, you should notify the Assignor as soon as possible.  Just like referees can choose their assignments, Assignors can choose their referees.  If you prove to be unreliable, it is likely that Assignors will choose to use other more reliable referees.

If you are working with more than one Assignor, make sure you update your availability after accepting an assignment.  You do not want to end up getting assignments from more than one Assignor for the same day and time!