1. Create account in OMS

OMS is the system Arizona uses to schedule referee courses and to register referees with US Soccer. Some training modules are also completed through OMS.

2. Register for Field Training

Once you’ve created your OMS account, register for one of the Field Training sessions that are scheduled. Attending Field Training is the final step of the process, but you must register to gain access to additional training modules that you must complete. You will pay $65 of your total $85 fee through OMS when you register for a Field Training course.

3. Create account in US Soccer Learning Center

US Soccer’s Learning Center is where you will complete the Online Training. You will pay the remaining $20 of your total $85 through the Learning Center.

Complete the entire Grassroots Referee Course in the US Soccer Learning Center

4. Complete Online Training

From the US Soccer Learning Center, you should be able to print your certificate of completion of the Grassroots Referee Course. You should also receive an email from US Soccer congratulating you on completion of the course. If you are unable to print the certificate from the Learning Center, print the email you received from US Soccer. Bring this printed certificate or email to your Field Training course.

5. Print Certificate of Completion

There are two additional online training modules that you must complete, which are accessed through OMS. These are the Safe Playing Environment training and SafeSport.
NOTE: Students under age 17 do NOT have to complete SafeSport training.

6. Complete Additional Modules in OMS

After completing all Online Training, pass the Final Exam, which you will access and complete through OMS. Once you have completed this step, all of your Online Training requirements have been completed.

7. Pass Grassroots Referee Final Exam in OMS

The final step is to attend the Field Training Course that you registered for in OMS. The Instructor for the course will email you in the days prior to the course about any details you need to know, but here are some important items:

  1. Dress in athletic clothing and shoes. Cleats are not recommended for the course.

  2. Bring plenty of water. It is suggested to bring at least 2 Liters. It is safer to have more water than you need than not enough!

  3. Wear sunscreen and bring extra sunscreen. Reapply it during the day.

  4. Bring light snacks that you can eat quickly during short breaks. There is no lunch break or extended break time during the course.

  5. Bring a whistle

  6. Bring yellow and red cards. You may make cards if you do not yet own a set of referee cards.

  7. If you have referee flags, bring them. If you do not, that is ok.

  8. Arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the start time of the Field Session for check-in.

  9. If you have questions, email your Instructor, or use the Contact Us button at the bottom of this page.

8. Attend Field Training Course