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What level of soccer are you currently working?

Currently I am a FIFA Assitant Referee officiating international matches through US Soccer and CONCACAF, as well as the NWSL and USL leagues. I am also working in the MLS as an AVAR.

What ongoing training are you required to do?

I participate in training sessions held at CONCACAF/FIFA events. Annually I attend the PRO preseason meeting which involves ongoing education.

What is your connection to Arizona and ASRA?


In August 2006 I initially earned my certification as a grade 8 referee in Tucson and was registered through Arizona until I became and National Candidate in 2015. Through ASRA, I grew as an official, attended several Region IV and youth national level events, and gained the experience needed to achieve the highest level of officiating. Since moving back to Tucson from Flagstaff I have spent time mentoring local referees to help foster the next generation of referees and develop stronger local officials.

How did ASRA help you in your referee career?

ASRA supported me, especially from 2008-2015, to attend USYS Youth Regionals, USYS Youth Nationals, USASA Adult Amateur Regionals/Nationals, and provided several opportunities through mentorship to foster my growth as a referee.

What is your most memorable game from your time in Arizona?

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My most memorable game in Arizona was the Development Academy quarterfinal in Casa Grande in 2014. I was assigned as the referee with a very strong crew. A storm moved in toward the end of the match, forcing us to terminate the match due to inclement weather. The match had to be replayed the following day. Of course the second leg of the match up was very contentious with several more yellow and red cards than the day prior.

Any words of advice to future referees who want to reach your level?

Keep focused on your goals and do not let anyone discourage you from them. The daily work of maintaining fitness, knowledge of how to appropriately apply the Laws of the Game, and watching the highest level of soccer are imperative in growing as a referee. However far you desire to grow as a referee, continue pushing yourself to do better in the next match; we are only as good as our last match performance despite the color of your badge. As you climb the ladder, remember the individuals who helped you grow and give back to those who aspire to reach their next level.

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