A physical fitness test is required:

  • annually for all State referees to renew their registration
  • for any referees seeking an upgrade to Grade 6
  • for referees seeking assignment to elite level games (see notes to Grade 8, Grade 7, and Emeritus Referee Requirements)

The requirements for each grade are detailed in the Grade Requirements page document.  If seeking an upgrade, candidates must meet the requirements for the referee grade to which they are upgrading.  The referee must pass all of the events that are part of the fitness test at the same testing session.  


Fitness tests must be taken within a six-month period preceding the date of registration when required for recertification.


For all referees seeking an upgrade to the next referee level when a fitness test is required as part of the upgrade requirements, the fitness test is to be completed within the same twelve-month time period as all other upgrade requirements.


Fitness Test enrollment is available on the Classes & Clinics page.  The FIFA Sprint and Interval Test Requirements must be met by all State Referees including those intending to declare for National Candidate beginning in the 2016 referee cycle.  National Candidates will be held to a higher standard than the State Referees and must pass that fitness test during the National Camps.