Tim Beeler  State Referee Administrator

Tim Beeler State Referee Administrator

June 15, 2016

Referees, as we approach the 2017 registration season some points to remember:

1.  We will be a little late starting entry level classes as we wait for information from USSF due to new FIFA law changes.

2.  If you are a grade 6 referee we are half way into the season and you should be scheduling assessments and fitness tests.

3.  Recertification clinics will be a little delayed as well for the same reason as above.

4.  This year there will be a field session required for all recertifying and new referees.   We will also be giving books and badges out at the field clinic vuce being mailed to you.

5.  Please congratulate Sam Rozinski on his selection as Region IV Youth Referee of the Year!

Look here for more information.  Please look online at the law changes if you have not.  There is a whole new format to the LOTG.